Boldmere Infant School

'Focus days'

We work with a number of schools on one-off focus days or to kick-start a project, or as part of science/healthy eating week.

preparing allotment




 Planting allotment

planting bags




 Growing in bags

Victoria Special School: one day working with Key Stage 1 and 2.  Working with children planting potatoes, and sowing beans and salad crops in bags for them to look after outside their classrooms.

Boldmere Infant School:  A day helping Year 2 plant out their allotment.  Parents help to keep on top of it between the children's visits

St John's Primary School: Working across the year groups for a Science Day.

Yorkmead Primary School: A day with Reception children, to get their beds ready for to work on with their TA for the rest of the season.

Adderley Primary School: A twilight inset session to help staff get ready for their new growing area.



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What do other schools say?

  • "The session was pitched perfectly and linked to healthy eating."
  • "What the children learnt in the garden has helped their science back in the classroom."
  • "Grow to Learn were well organised and the food was great"

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