Wheelers Lane Primary School

'Nurture groups'

Working outside with groups of 9-10 children at a time, developing their skills, confidence and self-esteem. We did our 'plot to plate lite' project.





 Growing potatoes

Cooking food




 Cooking together

The children benefit from being in a small group, being outside and learning important skills for life.  Aspects of the science curriculum are reinforced and the children learn to co-operate with each other. 

The sessions give opportunity for children to experience success and grow in self-esteem.  The children are involved in all aspects of sowing, nurturing and harvesting.  At the end of the season, the project ended with a full day cooking using the produce grown, and culminating in a tea party for parents and other guests.

Also at Wheelers Lane we work with Year 4.  The school has several troughs with plastic containers which we use - the children take responsibility for watering when we're not there.

At Stirchley Primary School we also ran this project.  They don't have any space for food growing but they are only 10 minutes walk from our allotment - an ideal environment for them not only to grow their own vegetables but also to see what is growing on other plots.  We work with chidren from year groups and the children are accompanied by their SENCO.


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What do other schools say?

  • "The lesson had a great impact on a SEN child I work with - she was able to tell all about what she had done in great detail."
  • "A 5 star lesson."
  • "Grow to Learn enthused our children and staff with their professional and approachable style."

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