Bobbie Frere

Photo of Bobbie FrereI've been teaching in schools for over eighteen years. I have worked for several years in multi-cultural, inner city schools and have been phase leader with responsibility for behaviour management. 

In addition, I have worked as a supply teacher for several years giving me experience of teaching in a wide variety of schools. I've had an allotment for over five years and for as long as I can remember have grown produce in pots, bags and dustbins at home.  It's great being outside and I enjoy digging, building things, and harvesting best of all. 

If we have a lot of sowing and planting to do, I'd rather let Amanda do this!  I love my work, although I do get frustrated if slugs eat more of the harvest than we do!  But there is nothing quite so exciting as sitting down to a plate of food that was only picked an hour ago.